Client Declaration of Values, Rights and Responsibilities

As a Client of Compass Community Services


  • Client-centred care that understands I am a whole person; treats me with compassion and respect; and includes my family and support system in my care where appropriate and with my consent
  • A partnership with the agency that shares responsibility and accountability with me; provides support to achieve my health goals; and connects me to health and community services when appropriate
  • Communication that allows me to be heard in a safe and caring environment; provides clear information that I can understand; and shares open and transparent information with me
  • Contributes to my confidence and trust in the health system.


  • Receive a high quality of service that is compassionate, professional, timely, respectful of my dignity and independence, and takes into consideration my ability.
  • Service in a safe and clean environment free of discrimination.
  • Request accommodation and/or alternate formats of documents.
  • Be accompanied by a support person and use personal assistive devices that assist me.
  • Take an active role in services received at, or from Compass.
  • Know the name and position of any provider at Compass involved in my care.
  • Express my questions, concerns or complaints without fear of reprisal and expect a timely response.
  • Speak to my provider or request to speak the person my provider reports to while receiving services at Compass.
  • Receive enough information to make decisions, including being advised if an error affecting my service goals or well-being has occurred.
  • Privacy and confidentiality of my personal information and record of care in accordance with the law.
  • Give or refuse consent to pertaining to disclosure of information collected by Compass. I have the right to designate an individual (substitute decision maker) to give consent for me if I am unable to do so.
  • Bring forward my questions, compliments or concerns verbally, in writing, online, by telephone, or through any other methods to:

Communications Officer


20 Shelldale Crescent, Guelph, ON N1H 1C8

  • Receive communication regarding any action taken as a result of my feedback.


  • Be courteous and respectful of staff, providers and other as well as for assisting in the control of unnecessary noise generated by me and those accompanying me so as not to disturb others.
  • Provide accurate information relating to my personal history, as relevant and appropriate, including present and past concerns that may impact the services I receive.
  • Be actively involved in my care and conclusion of services I receive and ask questions when I require more information.
  • Accept the consequences of decision should I not attend for services without providing notice, repeatedly cancel appointments, or fail to follow the service/care plan.
  • Comply with local by-laws and regulations to support a ‘smoke free environment’, a ‘scent free environment’ and the Ontario Human Rights Code.