Child Witness

This program offers individual, family and group and counselling for mothers who have experienced intimate partner violence and their children who have witnessed and/or experienced the abuse.

Group and individual sessions are offered to participants at no cost.

CYSAT – Child & Youth Sexual Assault Team (formerly Help Now)

This program is for children who have been sexually assaulted. Individual and family sessions are offered to participants at no cost.

Internet Child Exploitation

Boost’s Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) Counselling Program provides short-term, immediate counselling for child victims of Internet sexual exploitation. A victim’s immediate family members may also be eligible.

Breaking Free: Better Choices + Better Relationships

A unique program for both male and female youth between the ages of 12 and 17, who have been abused or have witnessed abuse in the home and are heading down the same path in their lives – acting out with aggression, bullying and violence. The eight-week group program teaches healthy, appropriate strategies for managing stress and resolving conflict.

The students who graduate from this program work as peers for other students and are extremely passionate about the program and the facilitators. They know they are being heard, respected and are learning alternative methods to bullying and violence – and they demonstrate these new behaviours on a daily basis.

Breaking Free assists teens learn to break  the cycle of abuse and violence so that they learn to make better choices for themselves.

Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

Participants in this program attend regularly scheduled counselling sessions with a knowledgeable and professional therapist to address the issues with which children and youth and/or their parents are concerned.