Online Sealed-Bid Auction Win-Win for Bidders, Compass Telephone Support

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Online Sealed-Bid Auction Win-Win for Bidders, Compass Telephone Support

Compass is holding an online, sealed-bid auction with Bids For Benefits to raise funds for its Telephone Support programs, which include Distress Line and TeleConnect and LGBTQ+ Support Lines. The auction is live NOW Monday, April 18 and runs until 7pm on Sunday, April 24.

The win-win of the sealed-bid auction is that people can buy items that they already want, and a portion of their purchase goes directly to charity. Auction items have a starting bid, and bidders can make just one bid per item. With the sealed-bid process, the number of bidders and the competing bids are unknown, so bidders have only one chance to make their best bid count. The winner will receive notification by email after the auction closes, with Compass receiving 100% of the difference between the starting bid and the winning offer.

“This is such an innovative and creative way to engage people in charitable giving where there really is something in it for everyone — the bidder, the charity, and the community all benefit,” said executive director Joanne Young Evans. “We need to find these alternative solutions to finance programs for which we need fundraising dollars to operate. Our Telephone Support programs rely on additional donations to keep our lines open and continue providing mental-health services.”

Bidders can visit to see the items up for auction. There will be sport memorabilia, jewellery, artwork, electronics, collectibles, housewares, and much, much more.

“We’re always looking to show our appreciation to the generous donors in our community, and this partnership with Bids for Benefits helps Compass ‘give’ something back to our supporters while simultaneously ensuring ongoing access to critical services,” said Young Evans. “Plus, there’s an added element of excitement in making a bid and waiting to find out if you’re the winner. Remember to make that bid count!”

Look for posts on Compass’ social media channels highlighting auction items and reminding followers of the number of days left to make their bids.

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