Woman leading workplace training session

Counselling Workshops & Training

We offer a variety of Corporate and Community Workshops and Training at Family Counselling and Support Services for Guelph Wellington:

Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Stress regulation
  • Emotional and behavioural control
  • Listening skills
  • Respecting differences
  • Approaches including assertiveness, negotiation, compromise, and consensus building
Retirement Preparation
  • Looking forward and planning for what you want to do
  • Emotional preparation for retirement
  • Couple/relationship considerations
EAP Managers Training
  • Overview of EAP services
  • Signs that an employee may need EAP support
  • Offering support to an employee
Maintaining Balance While the World Spins
(Stress management and self-care)

  • The nature of stress
  • The nature of a crisis
  • Strategies for handling anxious and difficult people.
  • Self-care strategies for coping with stress.
Trauma in the Workplace
  • What is trauma?
  • The effects of trauma
  • Building Resilience
Handling (Interpersonal) Challenges in the Workplace Participants
(Resolving employee conflict in the workplace)

  • The roots of workplace challenges
  • The pros and cons of five common strategies for dealing with workplace challenges
  • Skills for dealing with challenges within the workplace
Balancing Work and Family Obligations
  • Barriers to balancing work and family obligations
  • Supports to balance work and home obligations
  • Strategies for creating a work and home balance
Workplace Violence and Harassment (Bill 168)
  • Defining workplace harassment and  workplace violence
  • How intimate partner violence may affect the workplace
  • Strategies for creating a safe workplace.
Mental Health and the Workplace
  • What is mental health and mental illness?
  • Resources to support employees living with mental health issues
  • Programs to promote good mental health to make people feel valued
Supporting an Employee’s Return to Work After a Leave
  • The Challenges of Returning to Work
  • Benefits of Returning to Work
  • Role of the Manager/Supervisor
  • How to support
  • Successful return to work
Promoting a Positive Workplace
  • Barriers to a positive work environment.
  • Key characteristics of a positive (emotionally intelligent) workplace.
  • Ways we can contribute to an emotionally intelligent workplace.
  • Key strategies for promoting an emotionally intelligent workplace.
Recognizing and Responding to Signs of Substance Abuse (Management Training)
  • Identifying the troubled employee
  • Confronting the employee: Do’s and Don’ts
  • Does work contribute to substance abuse?
  • Making a referral to EAP