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FCSSGW Receives Generous One-time Donation

FCSSGW is connected to CanadaHelps as part of our fund development strategy. Every donation, no matter the amount, is greatly appreciated. Yesterday, on the anniversary of Montréal massacre, there was an outstanding one-time donation in the amount of $1,550.

The donor also included a wonderful testimonial about her experience with FCSSGW and specifically mentioned several staff members. Although the staff noted no longer work at FCCSGW, their legacies and the continuation of the programming speaks volumes.

The Testimonial

“Earlier this year, I set a few health and wellness goals: lose fifty pounds, hike 122.5 km and raise $1,500 for Family Counselling and Support Services. I recently accomplished all of those goals and wanted to take a moment to thank the individuals at FCSS who helped me.

“From the kind and friendly receptionists to your incredible therapists and group leaders, I met quite a few people over the years and each one was kind, friendly and patient with me. Each gentle gesture makes such a difference, you never know who needs an extra smile or kind word and your staff seems to know and recognize this. Thank you for your thoughtful service.

“Diana, Wendy and Leslie have helped me in more ways than I can express from age fourteen to well into my twenties. Now in my thirties, I still carry their bits of wisdom with me everywhere I go. I am so grateful to have had their guidance.

“I wanted to show my appreciation in a small way and pay it forward as I see so much value in everything that you all do. Thank you so very much for everything you’ve done for me and continue to do for our community. Keep up the amazing work, it truly can change someone’s world!”

We are so proud of her achievements and it is humbling to have been part of her incredible journey.

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